Save Your Marriage Today From Divorce By Following This Simple Advice

Have you ever thought about divorce or how to save your marriage today from frustration, disappointment and feeling of hopelessness? Considering that over 50 percent of marriages end in divorce odds are that you have .

amy waterman commend you for not acting on your feelings and instead searching for ways to save your marriage or make it better. Marriage does take work and as you know sometimes it’s not a 50/50 relationship. Sometimes one spouse seems to be more interested in improving the marriage than his or her spouse.

The odd thing is that although you may have very good reasons for wanting to improve or save your marriage, it might not be as obvious to your spouse. Some spouses see the glass as half full and their partner as half empty. Just ask a couple how married life is and you’ll often-times get two different answers. One spouse will say it’s great and couldn’t be better. The other spouse will say “it’s challenging, a lot of work and not how I imagined it would be”.

Based on the responses you wonder if the folks are married to each other. So the question is how would you and your spouse answer this question? Is your relationship improving or getting worse? Very rarely do relationships stay the same because if it’s not getting better the perception is that it’s getting worse because frustrations increase and this causes distancing between the couple.

Simple Advice To Save Your Marriage Today

Inspire change to happen – It’s difficult to spend your time and energy trying to change your spouse and seeing no results. Instead of trying to change your spouse lead by example and become a master negotiator. Let your attitude, demeanor, words and deeds help your spouse want to meet you halfway and improve your marriage. This will require patience on your part because results may not be immediate. Most of the time marriage obstacles can be overcome by doing instead of demanding.